Electrical measures and measuring equipment are the foundation of engineering disciplines such as B.Tech engineering. These measurements give useful information on the behaviour, performance, and features of electrical systems and devices. Engineers may analyse, develop, debug, and optimise different elements of electrical engineering by precisely quantifying electrical quantities. In this article, we will look at the importance of electrical measurements, the many types of measuring devices used in the field, and their applications in various sectors.

Electrical measurements are the basis for assessing and comprehending electrical phenomena. They entail calculating basic electrical characteristics such as voltage, current, resistance, power, and energy. Engineers may use these measures to examine the performance, efficiency, and safety of electrical systems, ensuring they match the appropriate requirements and standards.

Importance of Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments

Electrical measurements are critical in engineering because they enable the study, design, and optimisation of electrical systems. They aid engineers in ensuring standard compliance, troubleshooting errors, and validating the performance of devices and circuits.

Course Objectives:

1. Recognise the importance of electrical measurements in engineering, as well as their function in assessing system performance, efficiency, and safety.

2. Learn about the many types of measuring equipment used in electrical engineering and their functions.

3. Learn how to use appropriate measuring tools to properly measure voltage, current, resistance, power, and other electrical properties.

4. Understand the concepts and procedures for utilising voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters, oscilloscopes, power metres, energy metres, and signal generators.

5. Gain skill in selecting and using the appropriate measuring device for specific measurement needs.

6. Investigate measuring instrument applications in diverse technical fields such as power systems, electronics, telecommunications, and control systems.

7. Recognise the significance of calibration, accuracy, precision, and safety in electrical measurements.



RGPV B.Tech Electrical Engineering (EE) Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments Notes